Extreme Stretching

You’ve taken a lot of our aerial classes but want to take yourself even higher? Our stretching classes will help you to see results safely and quickly. Focused solely on flexibility, you will learn various solo and partner stretches to target all parts of your body. Flexibility will allow you to achieve beautiful poses with more grace and ease. Extreme stretching is perfect not just for aerial students, but also for those learning pole, dance, yoga, and other fitness activities.

This intense class will safely deliver the results you want in order to push your flexibility to the next level. Developed by Fl’air Co-Founder Keeva Treanor, this class targets various areas of the body like lower and upper back, middle splits, and shoulders that will allow you to create more beautiful and fluid poses in the air.

Please Note:

  • This class can be booked as a one-time workout, or you can book multiple classes for a better discount. Please make a reservation so you’re guaranteed a spot.
  • Please read our FAQ for more details about clothing, our studio, etc. Or send us an email and we’ll be happy to fill you in.
  • Students arriving more than ten minutes late may not be admitted to the class (without refund). This is for your safety and that of the other students.