fl’AIR Yoga Teacher Training

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fl’AIR Yoga Teacher Training

fl'AIR Yoga Teacher Training

Bring our style of aerial yoga to your studio or practice

Our next teacher training program will take place in Berlin from October 30-November 3, 2019

After seeing so many positive changes from our students here in Berlin, we are very pleased and excited to announce that we will being offering Teacher Training courses for fl’AIR Yoga several time throughout the year. Currently all teacher trianings will take place in Berlin, but we are also available to host private training at your studio, school, or practice.

In our teacher training program we will cover all of our Level 1 material, class structure, spotting, explanations, and other tips to help you and your students see the same success and experience the same happiness we do each time we have a fl’AIR Yoga class! We also offer discounts to studios sending more than one instructor to the teacher training.

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