Spring into Fitness at Fl’air: 10-Pack Sale for Aerial Classes

Sale for aerial silks and hoop Berlin

Spring into Fitness at Fl’air: 10-Pack Sale for Aerial Classes

Save €5 off each class!

What could you do with an extra €50?

Save €5 per class when you buy our spring 10-Pack, valid for all of our 90 minute aerial classes!

Sale Details

So, you’ve been taking Intro Classes for a while now and you’re thinking about making the jump to the 90 minute aerial classes? Well, we just got rid of one excuse for you! For all of Spring (March 20-June 21) you can buy a 10-Pack for our 90 minute aerial classes for only €200. Normally individual classes cost €25, so with this pack you save 20% off each class. You can book your class now and buy the pack in the studio just before.

This mix and match match pack is valid for all 90 minute aerial hoop and aerial silk classes (beginner and intermediate levels) and is valid for four months. Reservations required for all classes, please use our online booking system to save you place in class. 10-Packs cannot be shared between people, so encourage your friends to get one too!

Once you have this 10-Pack you can also attend our open training on the weekends (an extra €10) to help continue to work on your skills and endurance. That means you can end up doing 3 hours of aerial every week for just €30! Have questions, or you’re not sure if you’re ready to take it to the next level? Send us a message or talk with us next time you’re in the studio!