Our Philosophy

At Fl’air Studios, we believe there is no shortcut to fitness, and no substitute for sweat. Created by a small group of aerial and business professionals, we wanted to expose Berliners (and visitors) to this exciting and unique form of fitness and art. Safety is key and that is why Fl’air Studios employs only the best teachers and staff from around the world to ensure that you have a safe, fun, and effective workout with us. We will help motivate you to put in the hours and work to get the results you want. Our classes will be fun and relaxed, but will also push you to improve and increase your strength and flexibility.

Most of our classes follow curriculums, to maximize what and how you learn. This also provides variations and progressions so that everyone, regardless of strength or flexibility, can learn, laugh, and improve. You don’t have to be strong or flexible when you sign up, but you sure as heck will be once we’re done with you! We also offer (and recommend) supplemental classes that focus on strength and flexibility. These classes will help you improving in the aerial arts, focusing on your uniqueness, and push you to the next level!




Our location makes us perfect for your office to join us for a class before work, during lunch, or after work. Talk to the office about our corporate packages and unique options we can provide to increase productivity and well being to your employees. Aerial classes are great for teambuilding retreats too!

Visit our corporate services page for more information on our offers.


With its central location, Fl’air Studios is a great choice to host your photo or video shoot. With high ceilings and large doors we can accommodate you needs, whether they are large or small. Perfect for local artists looking to create new film or photo works!

Visit our studio rental page for more technical information about our space.


Fl’air Studios and Fl’air Artists provides professional aerial and ground based entertainment for corporate and special events. Individual performances, or a full show utilizing your company’s colors, slogans, or new product, we can help you create a unique event. With decades of experience our artists will leave your guests speechless!

Visit our event entertainment page for more information.