Kids got Fl’air 2024

Dear parents and guardians,

The new course year is about to start. That means it’s about time to enrol your children if you haven’t already done so.

So that you know what to expect for you and your children in the coming year, here is a summary of all the relevant information:

What and when?

We offer courses of various levels of difficulty on aerial silks for children and young people aged 8 to 17 as follows:


  • Wednesdays, 4.00 – 5.00 pm, beginners, mixed age group 8-13 years, maximum 12 participants
  • Thursdays, 17.45 – 18.45 pm, beginner, mixed age group 8-16 years, maximum 12 participants
  • Fridays, 15.30 – 16.30 pm, beginner, mixed age group 8-13 years, maximum 12 participants


  • Thursdays, 16.30 – 17.30 pm, intermediate, mixed age group 8-16 years, maximum 12 participants


  • Mondays, 5.30 – 6.30 pm, advanced, mixed age group 9-17 years, maximum 12 participants

The courses are held bilingually in German and English.

If demand is significantly greater than the number of places available, we will add further courses and disciplines.

The course year consist of 12 month with a maximum of 37 classes p.a. The year is divided into three terms, each lasting four months. The number of teaching weeks is 10 to 14 weeks per term, depending on the holiday periods. Please note that the second term has different starting and end dates depending on whether you continue or start your membership with us (see dates below).

1st term

16 weeks = 13 classes – 8th January to 26th April
School holidays 5th to 10th February – no lessons
Easter holidays 25th March to 7th April – no lessons

2nd term

14 weeks = 13 classes – 8th April to 31st July for those who start fresh
11 weeks = 10 classes – 29th April to 31st August for those whe already joined for the first term
no lessons on public holidays May 1st, May 9th, May 20th
Summer holidays start July 15th – no lessons
Showcase before the start of the summer holidays
trial lessons: March 10th, 11 am; March 24th, 2 pm; April 7th, 12am

3rd term

16 weeks = 14 classes – 1st September to 20th December
no lessons on public holidays October 3rd
Autumn holidays 21st October – to 3rd November – no lessons.
Showcase at the end of the semester

Memberships / course fees

It is possible to take a trial lesson before the beginning of each term. We will announce dates for trials before each new term. We charge a one-off fee of €15 for the trial lesson. If you want to take a trial lesson first please send us an e-mail with all relevant information (name, date of birth, skill level, contact data).

If your child decides to train with us, the minimum term is one quadrimester (four months). The course fees are €50 per month (up to a maximum of 12x 50 € = 600 € per year) or €180 per term (up to a maximum of 3x 180 € = 540 € per year). The fees are to be paid at the beginning of each month/term by direct debit. Contracts are automatically extended for a further semester if they are not cancelled in writing by email at least two weeks before the start of the new semester.

Please note that even though the number of classes per term may vary from term to term due to holidays etc. the membership fees per month/term stay the same. The fees are calculated on the average costs per calendar year to keep things simple and to ensure a reliable and affordable yet financially sustainable schedule.

If you would like to register your child for one of our courses, please complete, sign and return the two forms linked below by e-mail. Please note that we can only accept new registrations if they have been returned before the start of the respective term. Due to the limited number of spots, registrations will be considered in chronological order of receipt. As already mentioned, we will open new courses if there is sufficient demand.

please send filled forms to