terms of use

§1 General

The provisions of the User Regulations are binding on all visitors to Fl’air Studios. Upon entering the studio, everyone submits to the provisions of these User Regulations as well as all other, the operational safety instructions.

Persons who violate the user regulations may be denied access to the hall temporarily or permanently.

§2 Authorization

The use of the studio and its facilities is subject to a charge. Only persons who have registered and paid properly are entitled to use. Persons under the influence of intoxicating means are prohibited from accessing the studio and using the facilities. Children and adolescents may use the facilities without supervision only with the written consent of a legal guardian.

§3 Fees, in particular 10-packs

The fees for the use of our services as stated on our website apply.
Discounted 10-pack cards are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase and cannot be extended nor transfered to another person. Any remaining credit expires at the end of the validity period. There is no entitlement to a refund.

§4 Opening hours

The opening hours can be viewed on our website www.flair-studios.de. Due to special events or important operational reasons, it is possible to deviate from the general operating time and restrict or discontinue the studio business. Changes will be announced in a timely manner. Claims of any kind, users can not derive from this.

§5 Liability

All visitors use the studio and its facilities at their own risk, without prejudice to the operator’s obligation to keep the studio and its facilities in a traffic-safe condition. The operator is not liable for force majeure, coincidence and defects that are not recognisable even when exercising the usual care. Visitors are liable for damage caused by them negligently or intentionally within the business premises. The operator accepts no liability for destruction or damage by third parties or for theft or loss of items brought into the premises. The operator and its vicarious agents shall only be liable for personal injury, property damage or financial loss in the event of intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty. No liability is assumed for vehicles parked in the outdoor area.

§6 Behavior in the studio

Aerial fitness, aerial yoga, yoga, stretching and any other form of physical activity are associated with risks of injury, which at worst, though extremely unlikely, can lead to death. A minimum level of physical fitness, skills and coordination skills are essential to prevent injury as much as possible. Please contact our staff if you are not sure.

The studio area is a barefoot area. Upon entering the hall, visitors are required to take off their shoes.

Staying in the fall area of users is strictly prohibited. Mutual consideration is the top priority. It is to behave so that a danger to other users is excluded. For fall protection, soft floor mats are available to users.

§7 Order and hygiene

All facilities and items must be handled with care. Contamination of the mats should be avoided. Smoking is prohibited throughout the hall area. The consumption of food is permitted only in the designated areas. Dogs are not allowed in the hall, outside they are always on a leash.