in the air

find out about aerial silks

Two pieces of fabric hanging high in the air, aerial silk is the most recognisable aerial discipline of them all & maybe one of the most beautiful! Learn how to climb the silk, to make knots & wraps so that the body appears to be suspended in the air. We can guarantee you will get stronger, gain confidence & do things you didn’t think were possible in this class.

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enjoy the freedom of aerial hoop

A sleek metal circle suspended in the air, this apparatus is beautiful and challenging. This class focuses on mastering the basics of hoop which include strength building, getting comfortable upside-down, spinning and expanding ones acrobatic vocabulary.In this class you will develop strength in a very playful way, while learning to make beautiful shapes & movements in the air.

Hop on a hoop

enjoy the hammock

A simple loop of fabric up in the air, this apparatus utilizes body awareness and weight distribution in order to make beautiful shapes and movements. This class focuses on learning how to use ones body in a hammock, basic vocabulary, as well as choreography. Get to know this beautiful apparatus, and yourself, in this explorative and challenging class.

Aerial Hammock
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Yoka am Aerial Rope

aerial rope

A long sleek rope reaching from the floor to the ceiling, this apparatus is beautiful and daring. Learn to master the basics of rope including climbing, wrapping, and dynamic movements. Focusing on building strength and learning the basics, this class is suitable for all levels.


kids got Fl’air

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Focusing on learning the basics on a variety of apparatus, these classes will give our younger students the opportunity to try out and become passionate about the beautiful art form of aerial. These classes are perfect for kids that have an interest in physical activities and fun! Our classes are aimed towards not only teaching the basics, but also focusing on technique. These classes will provide a place for students to grow and excel to their highest potential in our world of aerial fun!

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on the floor

lets do handstands

Learn to balance on your hands while focusing on correct technique and alignment. Starting with the assistance of the wall and gradually moving into the center of the floor, this class is suitable for all levels of handstands. Get to know your own body, gain a lot of strength & body awareness, upside down!

Find your balance

be flexible with extreme stretching

You’ve taken a lot of our aerial classes but want to take yourself even higher? Our stretching classes will help you to see results safely and quickly. Focused solely on flexibility, you will learn various solo and partner stretches to target all parts of your body. Flexibility will allow you to achieve beautiful poses with more grace and ease. Extreme stretching is perfect not just for aerial students, but also for those learning pole, dance, yoga, and other fitness activities.

This intense class will safely deliver the results you want in order to push your flexibility to the next level. Developed by Fl’air Co-Founder Keeva Treanor, this class targets various areas of the body like lower and upper back, middle splits, and shoulders that will allow you to create more beautiful and fluid poses in the air.

Bend don’t break

experience fl’AIR yoga

Taking your yoga practise into the air & reaching new heights, fl’AIR Yoga is our very own interpretation of Aerial Yoga. It is based on traditional yoga and uses an aerial hammock to assist & amplify the practice. You will gain strength, balance, body awareness and flexibility as you connect your body to your mind & your breath to your movements. A highlight of this class is learning to ‘invert’ and gain control upside-down. Suitable for all levels and experience.

Aerial Yoga
fl’AIR Yoga

relax with Restorative fl’AIR Yoga

Exclusive to Fl’air Studios, this class is focused on body & mind, connecting movement and deep relaxation. Sweet for your spine, a soft & gentle Aerial Yoga flow followed by an extended savasana with a guided relaxation lying inside your hammock. Recover, refresh & reinvigorate while floating inside your fabric. This is class is beginner friendly & for anyone who needs a treat for their body & soul.

Refresh and Restore