Known by her Artist name ‘Air Candy’ Keeva is an internationally renowned performance Artist. Originally from Dublin, Keeva has been a ‘Berliner’ since 2010. Having spent her childhood studying classical ballet, she then graduated from the prestigious Northern Ballet School. After graduating, her ballet career brought her to the USA where her aerial training began.

With her determination and perseverance, Keeva is primarily a self taught aerialist. As she progressed she sought out private coaching where she could, and eventually she developed her own unique signature style based on her ballet background.

Keeva has performed all over the world for theatre companies such as Friedrichstadt Palast, The National Opera of Kiev, Benidorm Palace, Krystallpalast, and for companies such as Mercedes Benz, Samsung, Google, Warner Bros, MS. Deutschland, Norwegian Cruise Line, Porsche. She has performed at award ceremonies such as the Bambi Awards, die Goldenne Henne Awards, the DFB Pokalfinal, and alongside artists such as Helene Fischer, Peter Maffay, DJ Bobo & David Garett. Additionally she was a guest solo artist with RTL’s Let’s Dance, a semi finalist on Ireland’s Got Talent, and was also featured in commercial campaigns for Siemens, Edeka and Sparkasse.

No stranger to theaters, live events, TV & commercial shootings, Keeva is active as an Aerial Choreographer & Consultant for large scale productions. Her more recent choreographic works include ZDF’s Giovanni Zaralla show, RTL’s Let’s Dance live Tour & the Riyadh Season opening ceremony in Saudi Arabia 2021.

When she is not performing or choreographing at special events, Keeva is busy with her role as managing partner of Fl’air Studios.

With her unique experience of growing up as a dancer but learning acrobatics as an adult, she has a thorough and complete understanding of how the body moves both on the floor & in the air, which allows her to make adaptations for every kind of student that comes into her class. She is passionate about quality of movement, technique, and proper conditioning.
As a coach, Keeva focuses on bringing the artistry out of her students & encourages them to not just learn the techniques necessary for aerial arts & extreme flexibility but to do so in their own individual, authentic & artistic way.


Anne-Laure was born and raised in France, and has been living in Berlin for almost 11 years.

At 10 years old she started ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance training. As an adult her passion for dancing has shifted to Latin dance and she is currently a member of a successful Berlin Latin dance company that performs several times per year. In addition to her passion for dance, she also practices Ashtanga Yoga and has been attending Fl’air’s Extreme Stretch classes since the very first day!

Outside of dance and fitness she has three Bachelor’s Degrees in German, English, and Communications, as well as an MA in International Advertising. She loves to combine her interests of moving her body with her love of organization, numbers, and languages. Working wonders behind the scenes Anne-Laure is our front desk wizard, always greeting our students with a friendly smile!

Photograph © Sabrina Bendayan.


Cynthia was born in Menden, Germany. She became interested in aerial arts at the age of 14 and joined a circus for teenagers at the age of 17.

After high school she moved to Berlin to pursue a career as an acrobat, and since then has worked with different acrobats and sports groups. She started performing in festivals such as HOLI Festival of Color, Secrets Festival, and Vola Stageart x Movision Movement, as well as organising events and creating costumes.

Since 2018 she has worked many jobs to support the pursuit of her aerial career including gastronomy, a sports group teacher at the Bundestag, and a saleswoman for sports equipment. Currently she is continuing her intensive training still in pursuit of her goals, and enjoys her time working at the front desk at Fl’air!


Elizabeth brings the Californian sunshine to us here in Berlin. She began her athletic life at the age of 14, with running and classic weight training. Along the way she trained on a cross-country team. After several injuries, she came to realize that her training wasn’t diverse enough and she decided to broaden her movement horizons. She began to train dance, Pilates, and stretching.

With a degree in Sports Science, she is passionate about dance and all types of movement. With more than 7 years experience as a fitness instructor and personal trainer, her continued personal development & exploration always brings her new inspiration for her teaching. Elizabeth’s classes are focused on body alignment. She aims to help her students to develop their own sense of body awareness using functional movements that engage the whole body to bring more balance to her students.


Iga is a former professional ballerina born in Poland. After graduating from ballet school she decided to leave Poland and work across Europe and the USA. Her performance career brought her to Paris where she spent several years as an artist at the famous cabaret Lido de Paris as well as the Paradis Latin.

Career highlights include performing her unique Twin Act with her twin sister in the Mugler Follies show created by world-renowned fashion designer Manfred Thierry Mugler.

Alongside her dance career, Iga is also a yoga teacher and Co-Founder of fl’AIR Yoga. A master trainer & teacher to the teachers, she is guiding the next generation of fl’AIR Yoga Teachers on their Aerial Yoga journey. For Iga, discovering yoga was life changing. Developing a yoga practice had an immensely positive impact on her life both mentally and physically. Iga’s classes are light hearted & full with smiles & laughs together with an intense focus of solid technique & alignment. Through fl’AIR Yoga she helps others to develop body awareness, a balance between flexibility and strength, as well as a connection with their most honest self.


Jessie is from London, and started her circus journey at the age of 19 when she joined Zippo’s travelling circus school, The Academy of Circus Arts. Later she studied trapeze at The National Centre for Circus Arts in London, and finally, duo trapeze at Bristol’s Circus Maniacs. After graduating Jessie formed hula hoop troupe Hoop La La, who came to public attention on Britain’s Got Talent. Jessie has competed in circus competitions ‘Young Stage’ and ‘Sol y Circo’.

With Berlin as her home base for the past 7 years, she continues her performance career both in Germany and internationally. Career highlights include 3 Guinness World Records, performing for the Royal Family & at the Formula One in Bahrain.

Jessie specialises in aerial hoop, duo silks and hula hoop. She thrives on inspiring her aerial students to not only gain technical excellence and strength but to explore their own creative capabilities.


A star amongst us, Kaleen is an aerialist, choreographer, creator and artistic coach. Here in Germany since 2012, Kaleen joins us from the National Circus School of Montreal, Canada. Following her graduation she was engaged in an intense creative research with Cirque du Soleil, culminating in three years of performances as the main character and aerial straps duo artist in the original production, “ZAIA” in Macao, SAR China.

Her original acrobatic performances have been presented around the world since 2004.

Following her award-winning solo Aerial Straps performance at the WuQiao International Acrobatic Festival competition in 2011, Kaleen has produced solo and duo performance pieces & performed across Canada, the United States, Denmark, Austria and Germany.

Kaleen is passing on her love of aerial art to both our Fl’air Kids & our adult students alike. With so much joy, patience & creativity, Kaleen classes are truly a pleasure for all those who attend.


Having started with acrobatics at the age of 8 in Vienna, Katharina’s passion for aerial arts came to life several years later when she saw a local circus show and was so inspired by an aerial act that she decided to transition from sport to the performing arts.

Immediately her love for aerial silks and straps was sparked and with that came the urge to perfect her skills.Wanting to gain as much insight as possible she decided to move to Montreal to be trained by the internationally renowned circus coach Victor Fomine.

After completing her training, Katharina performed as an aerialist internationally in Germany, Austria, the US, and Saudi Arabia. More recently she was awarded a grant by the city of Vienna to co-created the show Spagat und So which was a huge success. In addition to performing, Katharina shares her wealth of knowledge & experience & has taught at circus centers around the world. Katharina classes are physically intense & immensely rewarding. With her beautiful humour & supportive guidance you will gain more strength than you believed you had & do things you did not think were possible.


A true native Berliner, Max is one of the founding members of Fl’air Studios. Outside of Fl’air he is an attorney at law with a specialisation in Company and Medical Law. He also obtained an MBA in Economics. Max founded his first company in 2011, and since then has evolved into an entrepreneur owning several companies.

Max always had an interest in sports and has trained one sport or another most of his life. He is an avid rock climber, swimmer, and loves to bike as well as inline skate. His first introduction to aerial arts was when he met Keeva, his founding partner.

While Max is not involved in the acrobatic aspects of Fl’air Studios, he is a major part of everything behind the scenes that makes Fl’air Studios a success story. Responsible for all legal, administrative, financial, and structural planning, he is the ‘brains’ behind the brilliance you see at Fl’air.

While he is often not seen in the studio, his presence can’t be missed. Max built the reception desk, the dressing rooms, and even lay the floor of the studio! He was head of renovations as well as director of the task to build our purpose-built aerial rig, and successfully turned the studio into the beautiful place it is today.


Misa was born in Belgrade into a family of athletes that dedicated most of their lives to sports. Prolific in sports from his early days, he explored martial arts and acrobatics such as capoeira, karate, kung fu, and gymnastics. He fell in love with Yoga while studying sports and physical education. Since then, Misa has been an avid explorer of yogic disciplines, obtaining his certification as a Yoga Teacher for Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga from Rishikul yoga shala in Rishikesh.

He strives to continuously improve his skills by using Yoga in conjunction with gymnastic’s strength drills to develop functional flexibility. Misa classes have strong Ashtanga foundation with a focus on building strength as well as increasing flexibility.